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Why Does ABC No Longer Broadcast NFL Games?

Did you know that ABC no longer broadcasts NFL games? That is the question that is plaguing many Americans. They used to, but now that CBS and Fox have the rights to the NFL, ABC is out. But why would ABC stop showing games? The network had a contract with the NFL to air Monday Night Football, while CBS and Fox get the games on Sundays. Apparently, ABC is losing money by not showing NFL games

In the 1980s, ABC was part of the Super Bowl rotation. It was given the Super Bowl XXII and XXXIV, but the contract with the NFL was renewed in 1982. By then, the network had already lost its regular color commentators. Don Meredith, whose final broadcast was Super Bowl XXIX, was replaced by Frank Gifford. Both of them were popular with viewers

ESPN’s deal with ABC is a good one for the network. The network will continue to air Monday Night Football, but its Sunday night games will be simulcast on ESPN. But if ABC were to cut MNF, it would be losing $150 million a year. So ABC felt that it could stomach losing the show. However, ESPN is now paying $1.1 billion to air NFL games. ESPN is able to afford the bill because it is generating revenue through cable subscriptions and advertising

The network will have Monday Night Football exclusively on Monday nights in 2022, and will air two additional Monday night games on its network. ESPN will also continue airing the Sunday morning game on ESPN+. ABC will also have two additional Saturday games during the season’s final week. The games will highlight playoff implications. Despite all the bad press, ABC and ESPN will continue to simulcast each other’s Monday Night Football games duysnews .

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