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When Should We Have a Meeting to Discuss a Website Design?

If you have a website in mind and would like a designer to create it for you, there is a chance you’ll want to sit down with your potential designer and discuss some preliminary details. The project owner will gather feedback from the key parties to ensure that everything is perfect and the project moves forward smoothly. The design phase of the project will follow the agreed-upon style and visual elements. This is not a time to be wildly creative and risk causing problems. This is a good time to gather feedback, but you should also give them the chance to make any objections.

A meeting to discuss a website design can be a good opportunity to outline the business goals and objectives for the site. The sales team and IT person should attend. Ensure that everyone in the company knows what the website is going to be for and what their role is. The meeting should have a clear agenda, so you know what to discuss. If you have any branding materials, be sure to include them in the meeting.

When working with a designer, it’s also helpful to find out what your website’s competitors are doing. The goal of the website should be aligned with the client’s branding, and should be part of the overall story of your business. It should be informative, entertaining, or a little bit of everything. By identifying your competitors and studying their websites, you’ll be able to make informed decisions based on the goals you set for your site.

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