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What Kind of Health Checkups Would You Do If You Are in Your 40s?

What kind of health checkups would you undergo if you are in your 40s? Generally, you would schedule annual physical exams to ensure that you are not experiencing any serious medical conditions. However, there are also some routine procedures that you should consider. These include blood tests, screenings for cancer, and annual mammograms. Having a thorough physical examination is recommended for both men and women, and you can opt to have it done on a yearly basis.

The importance of regular physical examinations can’t be overemphasized. These exams can prevent minor problems from turning into serious ones. It takes only a few minutes to schedule an annual physical, and most health insurance policies cover it as a preventive service. According to Dr. Melissa Teo, it is recommended that you have regular checkups if you’re in your 40s. According to the Centers for Disease Control, routine screenings can save 100,000 lives a year.

If you’re under 45, you should schedule a colon cancer screening. This is especially important if you have a family history of colon cancer or have other risk factors. You should have regular dental cleanings and checkups, as well. Your dentist should perform a comprehensive exam every six months, although more frequent checkups are recommended if you’re at increased risk. In addition to regular health checkups, you should get an annual flu vaccination. It’s essential to get the flu shot before it spreads, as antibodies can develop within two weeks.

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