What Are the Advantages of Two-Way Radios?

If you are considering new radio communications for your mining site, two way radios are some of the best solutions for maintaining quality communications in hazardous environments. The design of new two-way radios introduces top range radio technology as well as the option to send voice and location data over long distances. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing two-way radios:

Extremely Durable

The latest two-way radios are configured for mining environments because they are highly adaptable and also designed to last. Premium two-way radios come with waterproof industrial technology as well as screens that can be read in poor visibility.

No Need for Traditional Service

Unlike using a mobile phone, two way radios are one of the best and most adaptable solutions for underground mining. They can have multiple channels for coordinating team efforts and they also work across leaky feeder systems for reliability.

Enhanced Clarity

There will be no more low-quality calls and even across many miles of the mining site, you can experience reliable communication. This is a quality connection that can be maintained in critical condition across the most difficult terrain.

Cost Effective

Radio technology is a one-time fee for your mining site and there’s no need for expensive monthly plans or service agreements with providers. Radio communication can stretch across long distances and be prioritized to your network.

Easy to Train

Radio technology is much easier to train than advanced mobile software. Colored lights signaling and interfaces on two-way radios make it simple to change channels and communicate over long distances.

Longer Battery Life

Two-way radio features a longer battery life than any tablet or mobile phone option. They can often last through multiple shifts providing reliable communications and alerts.

If you’re interested in getting the best new two-way radios on the market for Mining technology, contact us today.

This post was written by Justin Tidd, Director at Becker Mining Communications! For over 15 years, Becker Communications has been the industry’s leader in Mine Radio Systems and electrical mining communication systems. As they expanded into surface mining, railroads, and tunneling they added wireless communication systems, handheld radios, tagging and tracking systems, as well as gas monitoring.

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