Important Items on a Car Servicing Checklist

One of the most basic things that a car service checklist should include is the checking of the oil and coolant levels. As the oil and coolant levels go down, the fluidity decreases as well. If the fluid levels are not maintained, they can cause problems with the car’s performance. Therefore, newstribune changing these fluids is an essential part of car servicing. Listed below are some of the items on a car service checklist. They should be changed regularly, depending on the mileage and type of vehicle.

In addition to the basic checks, a car service checklist will cover the following aspects: the engine oil and filter replacement, windscreen additive, power steering fluid, cooling system, battery, and exhaust system. It will also check for general oil leaks and the strength of antifreeze and brake fluid. dailybulletin The car’s brake pads will be checked for major wear and tear. The steering rack gaiters will also be checked. External lights and wipers will also be masstamilan.

The most important item on a car servicing checklist is changing the tires. The different kinds of roads in India require different tires. These tires expotab lose their tread depth over time. If the tread depth falls below 1.6mm, there will be serious problems with the car’s handling. It will start skidding and cause accidents. Using the same tires after the tread marks appear may also result in an accident. To avoid such an accident, you should change the tires regularly. dailybase

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