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How Long Does a College Football Game Run?

In 2014, the average college football game was three hours, 19 minutes. This was an increase of six minutes from the previous season. In addition, games were no longer extended for halftime, and players were not allowed to take TV interviews off the field. Play clocks used to start at zero, but now they start at 40 seconds after a touchdown or kickoff. As a result, more plays and fewer stops are required to complete a game.

There are a variety of reasons why a college football game is longer than a regular game. Many primetime games feature extra pregame festivities and halftime entertainment. Some games have a jersey retirement ceremony. A football game can last as long as four hours, or it may extend for another 30 minutes. The NFL has been working to reform its in-game commercial structure to make the games more appealing to TV viewers.

The length of a football game varies depending on the level of competition. Games with a passing offense typically last longer than those with a running offense. The game clock stops after an incomplete pass, so a passing game will last more time than a running game. Regardless of what type of offense is used, the winning team will attempt to run out the clock in order to win the game.

The duration of a college football game is just under three and a half hours. Some games include five-minute introductions and interviews with players. On average, college football games last slightly longer than three hours, but individual games can stretch to over four hours. A typical college football game is played on Friday nights. It starts around 7 pm and ends around 10 pm. Many high school games are televised on local television.

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