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Hip Hop Lyrics That Make You Laugh

There are many kinds of hip-hop music, but if you’re looking for some that will make you laugh, then look no further. Rap lyrics have always made us laugh, whether in song or video form. Rappers have always been known for cracking jokes and delivering cutting insults, but some rap artists have gotten off on their sense of humor, spitting out lyrics that are completely off-color. For example, the “Gat Damn” video from Bandana reimagined Gibbs as the leader of an old soul band and features Teddy Pendergrass and Gibbs in full costume. Even his “Rapster” album has a few funny commercials that are sure to make you smile.

A song from the rap legend Eminem is also very funny. Just Lose It is chock-full of raunchy humor, as well as some sexual jokes. The music video is very catchy, too. The lyrics in the song speak of the joys of acting childishly and the dangers of a short attention span. You’ll also find references to Disney princesses, which makes this rap song a great choice for girls.

Hip-hop lyrics can also make you laugh. Some aren’t exactly “funny,” but they’re still funny in their own way. Despite the censorship of rap lyrics, some lyricists have a way of saying what they want. For instance, Lil Wayne’s “Harpoons” ode to modern dating is a classic example of a rap song with an esoteric twist. Another example is Juelz Santana’s “ostriches don’t fly” line. The latter of those two rappers, a member of the Sugarhill Gang, is also responsible for some of the most bizarre rap lyrics of all time.

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