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Do Pet Stores Throw Away Animals?

Do pet stores throw away animals? is a question that has plagued animal lovers for years. This issue has been debated among consumers and in the media, with the question of why do pet stores abandon so many creatures? The answer is complicated, and the answer is not as simple as “yes.” PetSmart has been under fire for a few years now for its practices, and Romero-Serrano claims to have been a victim of store management’s disregard for sick or injured animals.

The investigation has revealed that PetSmart has a policy for dead store-owned animals. The policy requires customers to wrap the animal in a paper towel, place it in a plastic fish bag, and seal it with an elastic band. The policy goes into effect on July 2020, and Motherboard has reached out to the company about the situation. Despite repeated inquiries from Motherboard, the company has yet to respond to the allegations.

Besides being unethical, pet stores throw away many of their animals. In addition to the obvious cruelty of throwing away live animals, they often sell these pets as merchandise. As a result, many animals suffer during the journey to pet stores. Rats, mice, guinea pigs, and hamsters end up starving or in poor health. Other animals are rushed into crates and boxes, which result in extreme stress and distress for them. Some are even overcrowded, and many are solitary.

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