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Can I Add My Dog to My Cigna Health Insurance?

Can I add my dog to my Cignal health insurance plan? Yes, but you have to make sure you get the right kind of coverage for your pet. Not all plans cover everything your dog may need. For instance, if your dog has multiple hereditary conditions, or is highly accident-prone, you may want to get a plan with higher deductibles and lower reimbursement percentage. It will still cost you money in the end, but you can make adjustments that will help you reduce your monthly cost.

Most insurance companies have one type of reimbursement plan for pets. Some offer a percentage of the vet bill and some even cover all of it. You will want to compare the plans to see which one best suits your needs. Most plans cover a certain percentage of the vet bill. The rest of the bill will need to be paid by you. You will need to submit a claim to the insurance filmik.

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